Romantically Natural – Relaxed – Wedding Photography Style

Wedding Photography Style
Bride and Shoes on Wedding Day

Your Wedding is the most wonderful day of your life. It’s a day born from love, and much planning and effort too. Importantly it’s a day that brings moments of joy and love for you and everyone you love. You want to capture through quality Wedding Photography, all of that joy and love to see and relive, to share, and to have for the rest of your life. Your Wedding Photography Style says a lot about you.

It’s Your Day

For us it’s the most privileged opportunity a photographer could ever have. It is your wedding day after all, and it’s all about you. Not us, not anyone else – just you.

That is why we provide a wedding photography service that fits to your requirements. We provide a two person team so we can cover all aspects of the wedding, from the preparations to the first dance, from focal points and details to backgrounds. In a perfect Wedding Photography Style that suits you.

We like to keep our presence as minimal as we can but always ensure that guests feel welcome to engage us for impromptu frames and poses to ensure that you will have many wonderful images and memories to cherish for years to come.

Your Requirements

Our Wedding Photography style is guided by discussion and a clear understanding of your special day the way you see it. Every wedding is different so we adapt to your requirements, and offer a range of packages to suit all needs.

Our Area Coverage

We cover the South of England, from Cornwall to London. Our two man wedding photographer team, Jason & Steve at phototrinity, believe we are very lucky to be able to capture such amazing moments for people in such a beautiful part of the world. It is the most wonderful experience a photographer could ever have.

Congratulations, You’re getting Married! Now trust us to capture your Wedding Day photographs. Contact us Contact us for more. Follow us on Facebook for more great examples and information.